Helen O'Connell Stone Sculpture

The length of time that it takes to complete a stone sculpture makes it inevitably an artform that is very much process based. Chipping away at the stone can be a meditative experience which leaves much time for contemplation as one works. I enjoy the pace and methodical approach demanded by the material.

Stone drives a hard bargain when it comes to moving the material around. I am dependent on the kindness of colleagues and the goodwill of strangers when it comes to shifting its cumbersome mass. A well equipped studio can help but moving the stone remains one of the most challenging aspects of stone carving for me.

The creation of stone sculpture in the studio is a far cry from the glamour of the gallery. Stone sculpture is dusty, noisy and pretty unsociable. Most of my work is done outdoors regardless of the seasons. Despite the difficulties posed by stone I cherish my uncluttered state of mind when sculpting and the freedom to create my own goals.

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